Hot on the heels of the Kenyan catholic priest-cum rapper sensation, a Mexican born singer Edgar Manuel looks poised to take the Kenyan music industry by storm.

Edgar alias 'The Romantico' is the only son of a humble family and grew up in a musical family and was greatly influenced by his singing grandfather.

Self-christened as 'the priest who turned singer' Edgar had his first foray into music at the tender age of 6 years but never in his wildest dreams did he reckon he would at one time be a full time musician.

Staunch Catholic

'The Romantico' had a searing passion to help the less fortunate and to spread the good news and with influence from his staunch Catholic family, he joined the seminary immediately after high school to study Philosophy as a part of the journey for one be ordained as a Priest.

An accomplished scholar by any standard, he studied Philosophy at the ‘Universidad Intercontinental’ (InterContinental University) for 4 years before choosing to come to Africa – Kenya – to pursue a second degree in theology.


In the middle of his second degree, he decided to take a leap and took the decision to venture into music as a career. A friend who had been keenly observing him egged him on and the career of 'The Romantico' was born.

“When I got to Kenya. I was amazed just how the local Genge and Kapuka music were very much like our own Reggaeton back in Mexico, I want to bring this new fusion between Africa Music and Latin America Music,” says The Romantico.

Shake it

He adds: “I want to bring in a new branch of music on the international level; make the fusion of two continents where the music is part of our life, and part of our culture. It will be a musical revolution. We’ll call it African Latin Urban Music.”

His current singles include; Tai Tai (Kiswahili for Eagle); Mkora and Shake It and with his ability to fluently gel Kiswahili and Mexican, he looks seet to be a rising star.