Mwalimu Rachel forced to report for duty despite suffering shock following the tragic death of her deskmate killed in Kariobangi

Homeboyz Radio journalist who had disappeared was found dead at Mama Lucy Hospital. The deceased’s deskmate, Mwalimu Rachel, has however been forced to report on duty despite suffering shock.


Homeboyz Radio journalist, Natani Nyaga, was found dead in Mama Lucy hospital three days after his family and friends announced that he was missing.

Mwalimu Rachel, Natani Nyaga’s colleague, has revealed the deceased was hit by a matatu in Kariobangi.

“I got to first find out about Natani’s disappearance on Saturday 12th on the HBR whatsapp group. It seemed like a bad joke, then a bad dream. We immediately put word out on social media with the hashtag #FindNatani. It was later in the night that we received the shocking news. The unconfirmed report we have is that he was hit by a matatu in Kariobangi on the 11th, Thursday night. We still have got many questions surrounding the night of his disappearance and in time we pray the truth comes out. I can’t remember the last time I cried this hard trying to make sense of reality.” Mwalimu Rachel posted on her blog.

Mwalimu Rachel goes on to say that circumstances have forced her to report for duty on Monday 14 November despite suffering shock following the sudden demise of her colleague.

“Monday will be the toughest show for me on radio, diary. I don’t even know where I will begin. Radio 101 taught me to always put aside anything that would bring me down emotionally while on air. No matter what has happened out there, block it and give people a good time. The number one rule is: The show must go on. But this isn’t something that is out there. This is within. He was family to us. I really don’t know how I will do my job tomorrow afternoon.

I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through. As a mother it breaks my heart even more. He had just cleared uni at USIU. He was planning on moving to a new place. He had a girlfriend he loved. So young. So full of potential. So energetic. So kind.

Give us strength Lord to come to terms with all this. Poleni sana familia ya Natani. We are with you in prayer.”  A disheartened Mwalimu Rachel posted.


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