Njugush flaunts impressive weight gain caused by marriage (Photo)

Amekuwa weider sasa!

Njugush and wife

Aside from that, he is known for his extremely willowy frame.

But it seems that this is about to change for the better. As since marrying Celestine Ndinda, Njugush has gradually been gaining weight and his weight gain was in full force when he made an appearance on popular NTV show, The Trend. And his fans noticed with Yvonne Naomi writing "Njugush amechange ,looking good." while Nancy Pretty wrote "Njungush at least umeanza kunona sasa kuoa ni raha."

It seems that Ndinda has really been feeding the comedian who she married at PCEA Evergreen in Runda, Nairobi last December well.

But aside from feeding him well, in the past Celestine has proven to be the Proverbs 31 woman that has been described as a pristine example of what a wife should be as when he was down on his luck, she stuck by him.

“When we met nilikua nalala chini bana nilikua nimepararaaa but she insisted on staying. I used to use her meal card because msoto, Then there was this time we went to coast for drama festival, it was both our first time to coast so it had to couuuuunt, small problem tho sikua na kakitu,my dad gave me 500 akaniambia jokingly hio ata waaichana watakufuata sana hahahaha…..story short by time tunafika mutito aki tulikua na 220 bob, heeee sema kufika coast kila msee ana ball looool bt funny things is her company was all that mattered we were soooo in love, that alone was enough that alone has kept us together. I remember when was almost done with college sikua na hopes za job,so i craftly tried to break up with her because i had no future to offer-stupid right???

Lakini wacha nikwambie alikwama na mimi and kept praying for me and she once told me nikipata kazi sasa naweza kumdump looooool -funny right???She’s my friend before she’s my peoples. I appreciate you Celestine Ndinda everyday thanks for coming in my life i love you. When you find genuine love itabidi ukwame.” He revealed.


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