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Klaus & Nasieku come clean about their love & fears

"I feel genuine love for you" - Klaus & Nasieku come clean about their relationship & fears

TikTok dancing duo Klaus & Nasieku

Klaus and Nasieku, members of the renowned dance crew Alfa House, share a deep-rooted history in the world of dance, stemming from their childhood years.

Their remarkable journey began in 2022 when fate brought them together during a shoot. Instantly, their on-set chemistry became palpable, setting the stage for a remarkable partnership.

Their inaugural video collaboration captivated the internet, swiftly gaining traction and sparking widespread interest.


Encouraged by the overwhelming response, the duo created more content together. With each subsequent video, their popularity soared, affirming their decision to join forces as a formidable dance duo.

Despite their undeniable onscreen chemistry, fans often speculated about Klaus and Nasieku's relationship status, asserting they are romantically involved.

However, the duo has consistently refuted these claims, maintaining that they share a platonic bond.

Klaus and Nasieku appeared on Tuko's Couple's show on March 20 and addressed questions about their relationship.


When asked about the biggest misconception surrounding their relationship, Nasieku expressed how people often perceive them as unapproachable.

She revealed that many individuals feel intimidated and believe they need to go through one of them to communicate with the other.

Reflecting on past experiences, Nasieku recalled a particularly prevalent rumor circulating on social media, falsely claiming that they had tied the knot.


She clarified that the rumour stemmed from a project shoot for a client, which some misconstrued as a real wedding.

When asked to describe their feelings for each other, Nasieku described a genuine sense of love, while Klaus expressed a feeling of alignment, believing that their connection is destined.

"Tingling sensation. I think I feel genuine love for you..." Nasieku said.


Delving deeper, Nasieku shared her apprehensions about their relationship, expressing a fear of one day feeling disconnected from one another.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining support for each other, both as a collective brand and as individuals pursuing personal endeavors.

"Tufike ile point inafeel ni kama we are not there for each other. Ukitaka kufany akitu yako unafeel ni kama sitaki kukusupport. We are a brand of two but we also have our brands. I would want you to feel like, even when you're doing your thing, I still support you," she said.

Despite their strong bond, Klaus voiced concern about the potential of a breakup if they were to date. They also addressed the misconception of their marriage, clarifying that it was a project shoot for a client's work.


"Mi naskianga fiti. Whatever this is or what it will be I feel like it is something that was meant to be. Klaus. The fear that I have, however, if we ever date is that we might break up," he said.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Klaus and Nasieku prioritise unity. Nasieku highlighted the joy of sharing a connection with Klaus, emphasising their ability to overcome obstacles and maintain their bond despite personal issues that might arise.


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