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Uproar as gengetone group Ethic are accused of releasing song promoting rape and Paedophilia

Don't try to normalize rape or Paedophilia- Ezekiel Mutua

Uproar as gengetone group Ethic releases song advocating for rape and Paedophilia

On Sunday, Gengetone group Ethic caused a hullabaloo on social media after dropping a video to their song ‘Soko’ .

Netizens teamed up to condemn the raunchy song that seemed to normalize rape and Paedophilia, forcing them to pull down the song from YouTube.

Part of the lyrics that angered Kenyans include “Nunu yako tight kama katoto kachanga?"

Kenya Film Classification Board Boss Ezekiel Mutua was among the first people who asked Kenyans to protest for the song to be pulled down by YouTube.


Ezekiel Mutua's take

“Do these perverted producers have children? How does a sane adult try to normalize rape, prostitution or paedophilia in the name of gengetone hits? The video Soko by Ethic is despicable immorality that should be condemned by all right thinking people” tweeted Ezekiel Mutua.

Reactions from KOT

Another user by the named Bravin Yuri said “Are we all going to sit there and let Ethic Entertainment just promote paedophilia like that or what is it that Seska means by "..Nunu yako tight kama katoto kachanga?" in Soko their latest Jam? I really don't find this funny or entertaining at all”


Another user added “Hey Dr. @EzekielMutua Kindly proceed & Ban Soko by Ethic Entertainment. Keep doing the Lord's work & save the Kids from such content. It's this kind of Music that makes the Whole Gengetone look bad yet some artists are doing well in the Genre.Yours Truly, Concerned Kenyan"

Abel Kemei said “Ethic' have sank to the lowest of lows. They're here glorifying & immortalising immorality, perversion, rape et al. Behold the paradox of 'ethic' destroying ethics & the moral fabric of the society”

General Waitina said “There should be a law whereby no music or content should be aired before approval by KFCB”.

Junah added “If its not banned others will follow the same trend, and b4 we know we will b having uncontrolable behavioral cases”


Kama254 "We shouldn't normalize prostitution and pedophilia in the name of producing Gengetone hits. That new song Soko by Ethic though"

Fellment ‘Ethic should delete the video Soko before it's to late. If Ezekiel Mutua does the necessary then Ethic will lose their YouTube channel (230k Subscribers) plus all the songs”

Rodgers Odinga “Soko by Ethic is totally pedophilia .. the lyrics has it allWeary faceBroken heartLoudly crying faceSplashing sweat symbol. Do these idiots have kids really? @ethicofficial Not, all gengeton songs are bad but this issa NO!”

Sam254 “Some of the lyrics in that new SOKO jam by Ethic Entertainment. Pure nonsense!! Pure shit!! Pure madness!! Mutua should ban this shit before it lands in to the ears of our young kids like that 'utawezana' thing. This is pure immorality!”


In quick rejoinder, Ethic tried to defend themselves saying “We do not endorse pedophilia. People interpret lyrics however they aim to. If that’s what you interpreted it as from listening to the lyrics then you should evaluate yourself”.


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