Vera Sidika slams ladies who threatened to boycott her business

Vera has delivered a knock-out blow to Kenyan ladies.

A few weeks after she claimed that all her exes wanted her back, Vera came out to slam Kenyan ladies who she claimed are jealous of her jet-setting lifestyle and her trips to the Maldives and other exotic locations.

This was after dismissing them as basic broke b*tches.

“Kenyans and Tanzanians idle hating ass b*tches, Y’all so naive. You need to travel please. No. it is very important to travel coz y’all so stupid right now with the lies. Leave me the f*ck alone. Abeg, Y’all just jealous that you had to start  a rumour.” The teed-off socialite ranted.“Kenyan b*tches just broke and basic. Eat Githeri and sleep.”

But wait, the savagery doesn’t stop there. When Kenyan ladies threatened to boycott her Veetox business in an attempt to bring her down a notch or two, Vera claimed that it’s their loss since they have the big bellies, not her.

“If you don’t wanna buy Veetox coz I’m balling then oops. I don’t have a big belly. You do. I’m only trying to help.I am here to help. Got 6 countries including Nigeria with almost 200 Million population.”

She went on to claim that the only thing the negative publicity is doing is giving her sales.

“I have been trending Veetox has tripled the daily sales, like you’d expect them not to but coz they hating but they still do. Wow, Sidika Trending= More money”  Vera wrote.


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