Vera Sidika responds to claims that Otile Brown cannot afford her

There are also claims that the couple broke up after less than 2 months of dating.

Fans came to the conclusion after Vera unfollowed Otile and ‘blue-ticked’ his flirtatious comments on the comment section. Their lovey-dovey Insta stories which littered our timelines also came to a sudden halt.

The two, who went public after 8 months of chatting, have been the talk of the town for a while. And that’s why they were quick to jump to the conclusion that they had parted ways in less than 2 months of dating.

However, the self-proclaimed power couple decided to trash the rumours by jointly announcing that fans can meet them at an upcoming club appearance at Afro Night Club this Friday.

The couple has also been facing claims that Otile cannot keep up with Vera’s lavish lifestyle as she is used to the high rollers in society but Vera maintains that love is what she needs and not money.

This revelation was spurred by a comment posted by a fan who said that although she enjoys that posh lifestyle it might be tricky for Otile to maintain it.

“Addicted to the Good Life,” Vera wrote as she frolicked and twerked  in a Jacuzzi.

A salacious post that had username Evakatu6 reply with “Which is cool but worst of it is brown ataweza kukumatain kwa kweli vera ,tuongee tu ukweli.nawapenda mkiwa wote but hii life vera ww ndio waweza kujipa but mwanaume lol sioni”

Vera then revealed that it is not the posh lifestyle she wants from a man since she can afford it but a loyal man who loves her.

“I can afford to give myself this lifestyle. Need no man for that. Love & Loyalty is all that matters to me.” Read her post.


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