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He treats me like a baby - Vera Sidika causes a stir with mystery hunk

New man?

Vera with her mystery hunk (Instagram)

Vera Sidika had fans focused after showing up with a light-skin version of herself and a new man in tow. Her fans were caught in between commenting on her new look or the eye candy in her arms.

“Issa TBT or Restore factory settings?” wrote Willis Raburu in regards to her new look.

“Listen here, don't play with us like that 😂😂😂 you can't be camouflaging the way you want. Are we a joke to you?” commented_iddriss_._


Away from the new colour, some wondered if Vera has already moved on from her Valentine’s love and on to the next one or was this cutie a flavor of the moment?

“He treats me like a baby,” Vera wrote on her insta-stories before sharing a series of videos looking intimate with the cutie.

“Instagram in laws tumerudishwa kazi,” wrote a fan identified as carditor_

“Lakini si macho zangu zina ufala, zilikua zimeona Otile brown,” prokobanda commented.

“That guy issa snack. Hope si toothpick 😂,” keaganmakonda8 joked.


“In darkness and in lightness he said! A true King👑😂🔥 Protect him at all costs,” added_j.ust__f.aiza

Even brands were not left behind with Bonfire Adventures offering them a honeymoon package.

“Honeymoons are holidays couples travel after wedding. Sijui ipangwe wapi?🔥🔥🔥. In-laws watoe maoni!,” Bonfire Adventures chimed in.

Valentine’s Bae


While vacationing in the USA, Vera introduced another man as the new man in her life as the world celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Ms Sidika who was swimming in the deep waters of love, decided to use February 14th as a special day to unveil the new man in her life.

Through her insta-stories, Vera shared a series of screen shoots taken while she was on Video call with her man stating how she had missed him, as distance could not allow them to be together on Lover’s day.

In her message, Ms Sidika mentioned how time difference had forced her boyfriend to stay up late just to make sure they catch up.


“Time difference got Bae staying up all night just so he could video call me ..distance may be crazy but u always in my heart .. Happy Valentine’s Day pumpkin.. can't wait for BaeCation. My Baby is a snack thou Fuck that! He is a whole meal..those lips,” wrote Vera.


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