I spent 60,000 on it! - Vera lashes out at fan who criticised her T-Shirt

Vera Sidika has a penchant for the finer things in life.

In rebuttal, Vera Sidika disclosed that she would wear her T-shirt till it drops off her body as it cost her Kshs 60,000.

“I spent Ksh 60,000 on it. Outdated or not, I’m gonna wear it till it’s WORN OUT!!!! ....and there’s nothing you gon do about it,” Vera wrote.

For many of us, 60,000 on a T-shirt is crazy but Vera once spent 5 Million in one designer shop due to her penchant for the finer things in life.

About a year ago the booty queen sent fans into a frenzy after flaunting a bracelet worth 5,000 Dollars which is approximately 516,500 Kshs and later flaunted some luxurious items that were bought during a trip to Miami.

Among the items were a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s Cruel Summer Sandals, Gucci and Versace bags. She also got a pair of designer socks which she disclosed cost her 11,000 Kshs.


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