Inside the posh Dubai club where Vera will be celebrating her 29th birthday (Photos)

Last year she went to the Maldives, this year its Dubai.

A holiday that ended up with Vera insulting Kenyan ladies for claiming that Equatorial Guinea’s notorious playboy and vice president Teodoro Nguema Mangue had sponsored her trip.

Kenyan ladies came to that conclusion as The Maldives is a very expensive location and they both shared Snapchat stories from the same location.

“Kenyans and Tanzanians idle hating ass b*tches, Y’all so naive. You need to travel please. No. it is very important to travel coz y’all so stupid right now with the lies. Leave me the f*ck alone. Abeg, Ya’all just jealous that you had to start a rumour. Kenyan b*tches just broke and basic. Eat Githeri and sleep.” She ranted.

Despite the drama, Vera Sidika described the Maldives as fun and was looking forward to yet another exotic holiday.

“Maldives was fun last year. With the crazy hard-work I put @verasidikabeautyparlor def need a Vacay ...Where should I go for my Birthday Vacation this year? 30.09.2018.” Vera had earlier asked her fans.

The busty socialite has now found her next holiday destination, Dubai. The socialite will be celebrating her 29th birthday at Kiza Dubai which is very beautiful, check it out:


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