Vera Sidika is a liar! Kenyans react excitedly to Otile Brown’s manhood (Photo)

Sidika had earlier claimed that Otile had a small one.

Vera and Otile (Instagram)

When Otile Brown and Vera Sidika broke up, Miss Sidika took to social media and humiliated her ex by claiming that he has a small manhood.

The diss was in response to allegations that Otile Brown’s sex game made her sing after their bitter fall out.

In her messages, Ms Sidika stated that she wanted to clarify allegations that Otile’s sex game drove her crazy to a point she had to compose a breakup song.

“In-laws, I have a kind request may you pals stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng (d*ck) made me sing. First of all. It’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. If you think am lying ask the girls he’s f*cked before. I was the one even teaching him how to f**ck and still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time”

Kenyans react

Well as it turns out, it’s not a kijulubeng after all as fans came to learn when Otile put it on display on Instagram. A picture that sparked excitement on the social media platform.

Below are some reactions:

Beatiekush: So vera lied to us na venye uko loaded....

dorcasjoseph7: Vera why did you lie to us, all I can see here is a loaded machine

immaculatawavinyaa: Vera alikuwa anatudanganya kumbe

joeljoel879:Kwa haraka haraka vile nimeona iyo picha kumbe vera alidanganya

wambo_wa_jesus: Vera ni Muongo sana aki

lyndah3: Aki si Vera ni mwongo😝😝😝😝😝

kichuna_marya: So Vera called that thing a toothpick basi ako na borehole 🙄

suzieyadhys: @vidahnelcn Vera alitudanganya ati otile ako na dot😂😂

schneider_aymar: Vera,vera,vera?how many times did I call you??why did you lie to us😂😂😂😂@queenveebosset kuja hapa

shiqselani: @lynder_kelsey naona umeleta ufisilette huku kaa mimi hehehe huyu kijana atatumaliza siku moja


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