Obinna openly salivates over Vera Sidika after breakup with Otile Brown

Another man’s poison is another man’s meat - Obina

The comedian who once interviewed Vera said that he is open for business if Vera is willing to take him.

“Baibe call me!!! Another man poison is another man meat…I loved the original & I don’t mind the upgrade either,” Obinna cheekily captioned the photo.

Vera and Otile acrimoniously broke up about a week ago after Vera revealed that Otile said that he doesn’t love her any more days after he released his song with her.

“Why pretend to love me, get me into the video then say it later? If you stop loving someone, you don’t get involved at all. But nah, the video had to be done,” a heartbroken Vera wrote.

In response, Otile claimed that Vera was trying to eradicate his career as he has a huge fan base in women and such allegations can put them off.

“Waah the hate is too much just because somebody is quite doesn’t mean they’re guilty, am just trying to handle the entire issue as a grownup. I promised myself that I won’t respond to the allegations until I realized just now that this was a mission to eradicate my career by making women hate me coz most of my following are women and yeah she’s succeeding… She’s playing the victim and it’s unbelievable coz just a day before her posts we had a proper meeting and concluded everything as grownups coz the relationship wasn’t working for me,” read part of the post.


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