Vera Sidika has been forced to explain whether she really loves her family as she ‘hides’ them from social media. This is because you would be hard-pressed to find a picture of the Sidika family on Vera’s social media pages despite her fame.

“You don’t post your mom or dad do you really love them?” read a question.

And Vera revealed that the reason she doesn’t post her family on social media is to protect them from ‘pathetic’ social media comments.

“Oh yes (I love them). So damn much. Top 5 Whatsapp chats and call log is mom, dad, bros manger, P.A. Top 5 mobile and internet banking transfers list is my family! I just don’t post them to protect them from pathetic comments. Y’all can attack me but won’t let ya’ll attack my family for real,” she wrote explaining her decision to keep her family away from social media.

Vera Sidika reveals why she ‘hides’ her family
Vera Sidika reveals why she ‘hides’ her family

Celina on posting family photos

Another celebrity who has tried to keep her family away from social media in order to protect them is Catherine Kamau aka Celina.

The actress revealed that when it comes to social media some people can really be mean-spirited with their comments and sometimes leave comments such as Kate and her husband Phil do not suit each other.

Catherine ‘Celina’ Kamau and Phil Karanja
Catherine ‘Celina’ Kamau and Phil Karanja

Others would even claim that she is bragging now that she has a husband while others normally come for her child. Situations like these are what has forced her to reduce the number of posts she shares of her husband and her son since she has to protect her family from the vicious trolls.

“Nikipost picha na my husband they write we are not meant for each other, they just write ugly things, unajua. I don’t understand what the motive is ama ‘you are trying to show off’ and nashangaa because when I post, I post to celebrate someone not to show off. My life has been a journey I was there as a single mum, I am married now. Saa zingine watu hutroll mtoto wako and I get so upset or angry. Some comments hurt me because I am human and sometimes I am like unajua nini they just want attention,” Kate said when addressing the issue of cyberbullying on Radio Jambo.

Catherine hasn’t let the trolls stop her from posting photos of her loved ones, she has just reduced the frequency. “I won’t stop but I have reduced the frequency, I can take the trolling but my family can’t so I have to protect them.”

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