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Vera Sidika reveals the only man she can pay a flight to go see

Broke men are not for me!

Vera who is known to live a posh life and is always traveling to different countries said that she can only pay for a flight to go see either her  father, brother or her future son.

The self-proclaimed Bosset in a series of posts on her snapchat said that there is no way she can pay for a flight just to see a man even if they are in a relationship.

“If I’m paying for my flight is cause I wanna take myself on vacation somewhere nice treat myself not paying to go see a man. Sorry unless it’s my Dad, brother or future son—that I will hire private jet to go see him #Blood,” read her post.


Vera further disclosed that there is no way she can date a broke man because she with only pay the bills twice and get tired which is why she will always prefer young broke men who will entertain her and keep her young and happy.

“If you’re single, sexy and independent you can get any hot guy you want in this world. Most won’t be rich but they’ll entertain you, keep you young and happy,” read another post.

Vera also revealed that she has been single for the past one year and she is not ready to change that anytime soon.


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