The strange way Victoria Rubadiri got her name


Historical background

She went ahead and explained that it was created by her great grandfather’s villagers in Malawi who could not understand what he was saying as he prayed in Arabic, after he returned from Oman where he had been taken as a slave.

“The name was actually created. What happened is my great grandfather was taken as a slave to Oman when he came back to Malawi he of course converted to Islam he would pray five times a day, a very staunch Muslim and so his fellow villagers wondered what is he saying? Because he was praying in Arabic, so they would imitate him make fun of him and say ‘Arubadiri arubadiri arubadiri’ so he said you know what I like that and I’m gonna take that and that became the family name ‘Rubadiri’ and we just kept it on for the next couple of generations,” narrated Rubadiri.

She also clarified that the name was not Ugandan as most people have always thought and it was from Malawi.


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