Banter or Bullying? Osama Otero; on Twitter Intellects, Instagram Distractions and Social Activism


Osama Otero

Kimuzi: “How can you destroy a society?”

Osama Otero: “By instilling hate”

This week on Influencer by Pulse, we got to sit with thee Osama Otero. You heard it, right. Osama. Otero. A Kalamashaka Stan. A Fundi and a Twitter Bigwig.

Osama Otero?

Actually, my name is Kevin Monare aka Osama Otero on Twitter and I am an influencer on the platform as well. I derived it from Kalamashaka; Otero is a rapper in the group. There really is no meaning for Osama. Sikumbuki kwenye ilitoka.

In your opinion, who is an influencer?

Someone who can change lives; who has a social impact. Whether social justice or marketing. According to my followers, I am an influencer. Also, my profession ni ku-repair laptops, TV and any electronics.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is full of intellects. Si kama Instagram utakuwa distracted na mapicha. That’s why I am only on Twitter.

Tell us about this tweet: The government has failed its citizens

I don't think the youth have solidarity when it comes to challenging the government. With scandals happening saa zote, unapata tuna-sahau such issues. Sisi kama youth tuko na potential ya ku-fight against this corrupt system. Tunafaa ku-come out wote kucall out hawa watu.

Given the opportunity to be a leader, what's the one thing you would change?

Maybe nikuwe president. Alafu hii leadership si kitu ya ku-rush decisions so nitaita a team of experts tukae chini but one of the things naeza focus on ni corruption.

Where do you think Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) should draw the line between banter and bullying?

I think sometimes watu huconfuse bullying na banter. Personally, I think watu hudhani bullying ni when unabody shame mtu na in real sense unaeza pata they don't mean what they're saying. Sa me huona there’s nothing like banter na bullying. Yote ni banter.

Kuna vile niliona kuna double standards mob so me hu-categorize yote kama banter. So people shouldn’t take these things personally, ju tena itakuwa so sensitive watu wakichukulia personally.

What’s a misconception about you?

Wasee hudhani me hukuanga bully na me ni mbaya and I’m actually a very good person. Wakiniattack najua ni kupepeta tu; ni banter tu. So there's that wrong perception of me because I give my honest opinions.

How would you say the digital space has changed lives?

Kuna very positive impact ya digital space btw. Sa hii KOT imekuwa labelled as the official opposition. Sahii ni ka gava haina opposition. Me huona vitu mob for the past two months KOT wamekuwa wakicry about na gava inaskiza. For example hii story ya ARVs gava waliact ju tulispeak up. Another is employment. Hashtags kama #IkoKazi, kuna watu wengi wamebenefit from that hashtag. Pia ma-fundraisings na medical appeals, mimi personally nimebenefit from this space.

Personal rules in terms of creating your content

I prefer avoiding very sensitive topics. Unaeza toa your honest opinion about something na msee ata-try kuku-put down so I avoid sensitive topics.

So, what does your content look like?

It majorly depends on my audience. Mostly I post topics relating to football, youth and unemployment, and social justice.

How was life before you got on Twitter?

Naeza admit life ilikuwa peaceful. Siku hizi kuna pressure mob sana Twitter. Alafu pia consistency ya kupost. Kitambo unaamka unascroll Twitter unaenda mashugli sikuizi you have to watch what you tweet.

Something people don't know about Twitter is…

That it is not popular in Kenya.


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