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Diamond flaunts his state-of-the-art mansion as he claps back at haters (photo+videos)

When you are famous, people often want to discredit your achievements and drug you done.


Some say that what you have was handed to you while others demand for the receipts when you flaunt your belongings on social media. Diamond was recently put in a corner by critics who claimed that the house he got Zari was not really hers and he just put up the house photos on social media to squash the stories that he had banged one of his video vixens.

Now he has come back with videos of his new crib which he shared extensively on Instagram.

He also had a message for the haters, and did not pull any punches.


“Asa kunya nakunya mie makalio yanawauma wengine, eti inahuu....? Wambie wasininunie mie, wakazane....halaf hii clip naomba wanangu mnisaidie kuwatag wote waliokuwa busy kupost na kuzungumza Kuwa nyumba hii si yangu....waambie hizi ndio kwanza rasharasha clip hata kupost sijaanza bado....soon naamia ndani...halaf nlisahau, wakikwambia mie mswahili wambie Mswahili haswaaa... halaf uswahili wangu najua kuutumia na umefanya leo niwe na kibanda south asa wao Uzungu wao Umewapa nini ."

Translation "I know that some of your buttocks are aching after these videos. Tell them not to be mad at me, and just work hard. I’m asking all my fans to help me tag all those people who said that this house is mine. Tell them these are just the first videos. More will come. Soon I will be moving in. But before I forget, if they tell you I’m a Swahili, tell them am a true Swahili. And I know how to use my Swahili-ness and that is what has helped me own a house in South Africa. What have their white ways given them?"


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