Kenyans hilarious reactions after Mutua’s win over Wavinya

Yaliyo ndwele sipite!

Kenyans have yet again shown skill in giving hilarious responses but this time it has come unexpectedly early.

Machakos court ruled in favor of Governor Alfred Mutua in a petition that challenged his victory during the august 8 elections. This came after Mutua’s political rival Wavinya Ndeti went to court to report that the election was rigged to favor the incumbent Mutua.

They have come with comical and out of this world reactions on this matter. We’ve sampled a few;

“If you can't even pronounce well a very popular Swahili say, how can you come up with a clear evidence to challenge Mutua reelection, si itakuwa tu yalinduele

Wavinya Ndeti can go ahead to swear herself in as the people's Governor of Machakos.

Wavinya now she nows the meaning of 10m strong

Wavinya can collect her win from Ndwele

Why you can invent proverbs but You can't gather enough evidence this is what happens

t doesn't cost anything to accept defeat but now yaliyopita ni 10m.

You should know maji yakimwagika wachana nayo”


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