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Natalie Tewa and boyfriend forced to issue public apology hours after re-uniting

Changing Times

Natalie and Rnaze (Vivo)

Vlogger Natalie Tewa and her Boyfriend Rnaze have apologized to their fans, following their nasty break-up that got Netizens talking.

On Wednesday, the two who rekindled their love through the help of Vera Sidika, issued a joint statement, explaining that they had decided to take time off each other and work on their personal development before going public with their love again.

“We have decided to do this video and set things straight and to apologies for the things we created online and the truth is we love each other and it’s not fake, we do love each other, and we made a mistake and like to make our personal issues public and we apologize for involving you all in our issues.

"so we have decided to move forward and we gone bee taking a break to focus on our personal development and career. We have learned that a good relationship is between you and your God and I believe we are good at what we do individual, but we might work on future projects together,” said Natalie and Rnaze.



Their apology comes hours after Ms Sidika, who has known Rnaze for over 8 years, helped the two rekindle their love affair amid cheating allegations that saw them part ways.

“I love seeing two people make peace @rnaze @Natalietewa,” wrote Vera

Following the talks, Ms Tewa wrote “Thanks for hosting us @queenveebosset such a boss bae.. I love who you are.”


It’s now evident that Vera’s mediator role was fruitful as the two are officially back together.


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