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Wema Sepetu's quick response to ex-boyfriend over instagram posts

Wema Sepetu responds to Idris Sultan

Her 3.2M Instagram followers page has so many children posted prompting radio presenter Idris Sultan to pose a question.

Idris told Wema who is his ex-girlfriend to start a kindergarten since she is posting a lot of kid pictures.

The model was swift to give an answer to Idris.


Her answer was;

"Dah… mbona ningekuwa nae wa kwangu ningekuwa nampost all the time… ni kwasababu tu sina wangu… so i post every baby dat melts my heart…Since i don’t have one to call my owm… ila ningekuwa nae mbona ungeni-unfollow… Smh…"

Wema Sepetu has always been open to share that so far she has been unable to get a child that she has always really wished to have.

Three years ago she shared a long emotional post, Wema said that she would have loved to have a child but unfortunately she’s not able.

“This issue of getting a child has bothered me so much. It pains because I love kids very much and I loved to me called a mother. I have struggled a lot to ensure I succeed in this struggkle but it has become impossible.


It reached a point I hated my situation and after a long suffering I had to leave it all to God but I haven’t given up on the issue.”

She revealed that she was once pregnant but aborted because she wasn’t ready to become a mother then.

Wema further revealed that the thought of never having a child really troubles her.  She was then 27 years of age and is up to now hopeful she will get a child.

Wema and Idris were in a relationship in 2016 and it reached a point they announced they are expecting twins together but did not succeed to get them


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