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Yvonne Okwara trolled after reading the news in this condition

KOT don't have chills

Yvonne Okwara trolled after reading the news in this condition

Citizen TV journalist Yvonne Okwara Matole was on Wednesday trolled after reading the news while suffering from a cold.

Ms Okwara who stood in for Waihiga Mwaura on News Night had a sore throat but still went on with the bulletin as KOT rained on her with messages of displeasure.

Some accused her of being selfish because she could not let any other person run the Tuesday night bulletin, despite the station having many employees including interns.

A section of KOT expressed disappointment with how some people had turned Okwara’s case into showing the ‘power of a woman’ while some commended her for a good job, and that they loved her voice.


Ms Okwara also took time to respond to some of the trolls saying that; “Also, I'm so sorry I made you lose your appetite. Hope you got to eat something after all. Would be a shame if you slept hungry because of me, sorry, a drunk. Hope you eat to your fill today. It is Christmas after all!”

Here are reactions from KOT;

@The_Mutai I thought Coco Sobo Moto was the one anchoring yesterday, so it was Yvonne Okwara?

@masonOVO1 Yvonne Okwara is that greedy and insecure type of employee who thinks she's the smartest and knows everything that she can't even miss appearance even if she's dying. Citizen Tv with over 40 alternatives/interns for the same. why?


@kelvinopere1 Lakini na hao interns wote lazima Yvonne Okwara asome news with her cold. Give the newbies a chance #Newsnight

@alex_chickzz Now because Yvonne Okwara read news while on a cold,funny characters are saying.... ooooh she is intelligent..oooh the power of a if them never went to school bare footed, faced that cold mrng dew&was still required to lead the hymns/singing during the assembly

@nahashon87 If you look at the qualities news anchors should have or exhibit, you'll realize that Yvonne Okwara is one of the best globally. I'm glad that Kenyans sympathized with her as she went through the broadcast with a sore throat. She really tried, the strength of a woman. #NewsNight

@MkulimaMdogo Well ,Yvonne Okwara @YvonneOkwara might have a sore throat but lets me admit am in love with her Voice @citizentvkenya


@ItsMasisah Yvonne Okwara is struggling to read news. She is almost losing her voice coz of common cold. @CitizenTvKenya should have had an alternative till she recovers fully. Pole Sana Yvonne. #Newsnight

@WereGeoffrey337 Yvonne Okwara reading the News while on a COMMON COLD, now turns out to be " Power of a Woman"???????... We're OVERRATING Vaginas bana!!! Like women are supposed to be born HANDICAPPED in every way. Mnaniharibia christmas nyinyi. Feck y'all.

@EugeneOngeri Some people like Yvonne Okwara are really blessed, struggling with sore throat but we still admire their voices. Some of us just sound like an old tractor before even the common cold starts.

@Wycky_ Yvonne Okwara is a living example of "make it or make it" and "Job insecurity"


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