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Why Diana Marua is opposed to Bahati helping struggling musicians

This is why.

Bahati and Diana (Instagram)

Bahati has finally broken his silence in a long missive after months of accusations of mistreating his artistes and a mass exodus from EMB records.

In a bid to exonerate himself from all the accusations levelled against him, Bahati said that he has picked up struggling artistes and financed their careers under EMB records without any returns.

He went on to reveal that some of them even owe him money as EMB has not made money from all of them but he had forgiven them. Despite his sacrifices and hard work, Bahati revealed that they have been ungrateful and that is why Diana is resistant to him helping out needy artistes.


He relayed this information when commenting on artiste who had allegedly travelled all the way from Mombasa and waited for 8 hours to get help from him and Diana wasn’t too interested in him helping her due to their past experiences. “She has waited at the gate since 2 pm but I wasn't in so I find her at the same place at 10 pm while I was filming my Weekly "BEING BAHATI" episodes with @diana_marua Who's not interested with Me helping Artists as she has been witnessing us Literally feed them and once they gain they Flip from the Angels they were to something else. Which I Really Understand Where She's Coming from. BUT WHAT DO WE DO? Do you dismiss an Innocent soul like this who's travelled from Mombasa to Seek for your help?? NO. I can't send her away while God has blessed with Something I can use to help her Music... My People my heart is heavy as I've been in prayer asking God “What does a parent do aki sacrifice kwa shamba au kwa mjengo mtoi akue na life poa then siku moja anaona anaweza jilipia rent anamtusi akitoka???" and God Said "be Still, be Silent and Know that I am God. I know my silence has hurt many of my followers that are looking for some truth of the stories that you hear outside but let me ask you: if you were me would you answer or let god act as god in his own time???? I believe my work is to help and not to always come out to defend myself - the one who gave me the burden to do so will show himself at the right time and because the one above is the all-knowing that's why I’m still blessed. My silence is the only way I can obey god in such situations. Or tell me nitajibu aje while I’ve never made profit from this??? kusaidia ni huduma yenye tu ni Mungu anaweza nilipa-I wanted to stop this helping thing ata mimi ni enjoy baraka yangu ya usanii kama hawa wengine wenye hamwatukani coz no one is pointing a figure at! And in my heart was put a word that you are called for this- helping ministry! As I almost stopped God said son how will you stop while it's time to start!!!”

He also revealed that although Diana wasn’t too keen on him helping artistes, she has made sacrifices in order for Bahati to fulfill his desire to help.

“Now that most people are always quick to comment without research tell me of any young boy at 26 yrs who's willing to sacrifice in helping where there has never been a profit! And the beautiful ladies out there be true and tell me if you can let your men host more than four (4) artists investing to support them for more than two years now with no concrete profit??? That's why i respect this woman @Diana_Marua bcoz i should have used the money to get her a bigger house but she allowed me to be used by god! Let’s respect that,” he wrote.


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