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Why Hamisa clung to Diamond despite all the drama

She was ride or die.

Hamisa with Diamond

How she fought for him even when he consistently disrespected her in public.

However, there is a reason for her blind loyalty as her friend Gigy Money reckons. Gigy believes that the reason she stuck to Diamond like glue is because he is her child’s father and Hamisa was holding on to a fairy-tale ending.


“Hamisa fought for Diamond because she believed he was a good man. She is not the kind of woman who wants to have multiple baby fathers, its life that she ended up in that situation. You guys out there hamuezi kuelewa. Its hard being in a situation like Hamisa’s, its hard to move on and that is why you find yourself fighting over a man, your baby’s father. You say ‘I won’t leave my child’s father’ but you should stop listening to people’s advice that God will help you. There is no crying to God when it comes to making a decision like this, just chose to move on and don’t waste your time.” Gigy said during an interview on Rick Media.

And maybe the reason why Hamisa was holding on to a happy ending with Diamond is that the singer promised to marry her as their religion allows him to marry up to four women.

“Diamond aliniambia dini yake inaruhusu kuoa wake wanne so I was willing to share him with Zari,” said Hamisa on Mambo Mseto during her Kenyan media tour.


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