Why Saumu Mbuvi ran off to Tanzania

I couldn’t face him...


But not before sending out a text informing her father that she was pregnant, the week she was supposed to be flying out of the country to pursue her Masters. One for the reasons she escaped for a holiday to Tanzania was because she didn’t have any friends who she could confide in about her pregnancy situation plus at first she couldn’t face her father as she felt that’s she had disappointed him.

“I couldn’t face him,” she said on Ebru TV as she felt he would overreact. “I switched off my phone, went to Tanzania for a one week holiday. I texted him before I left and I said ‘Daddy I am really sorry’ because I was supposed to leave for my Masters that week.”

The moment she discovered she was pregnant was very confusing for her as she didn't believe in abortion and was scared of the turn her life had taken and so Tanzania offered a refuge where she could clear her head and figure things out.

Lucky for her, her father was very accepting of her pregnancy and vowed to support her, proving that she had no reason to fear her father’s reaction in the first place.

“My dad called me after a week and told me I will still be your father and whatever you want for your life I will support you. And I thought like the father I knew is just not him anymore. Because that’s when I realised that my father has changed, he stood up for me and he told me that he would be there for me, whatever I really want as long as I  knew that I was making the decision for me.” She revealed on Ebru TV's 'Let's Talk Show.


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