Pozze causes chaos at Citizen TV

Citizen TV was in mayhem after Willy Paul…

Willy Paul

Willy Paul gave a sizzling and spirited performance before he then proceeded to wipe off the sweat with a 1000 Kshs note that he handed to an excited female fan.

“Kuna joto eh, sijui kama nimebeba… aaah. Sina kitambaa lakini naweza tu jipanguza tu na kitu niko nayo sio? Ah…maze hii joto iko hapa bana, kuko na joto sana.” He said before proceeding to mop up his sweaty face with the 1000 Kshs note. (It’s really hot in here, I don’t know if I have carried a handkerchief but I can wipe myself with what I have. It’s really hot in here!)

He then handed a female fan the sweat-drenched 1000, Kshs note saying “Panguza jasho, like hii jasho kidogo, shika hiyo. (Have this note to wipe your sweat.)

Before removing a wad of cash.

The other members of the audience also got a chance to get some money after Willy said “Watu wamesweat kweli? Mnataka kupanguza jasho.Aiyaiyai! “(Are people really sweaty here? Do you want to wipe off your sweat with this money?).He then went on to pass some notes to the excited crowd which resulted in a chaotic scramble for the 1000 Kshs notes forcing Willy Paul to quell the excited crowd.

Kenyans on Twitter, however, were enraged by Willy Paul’s acts. What seemed to irk them, even more, was the fact that he made it rain on the studio crowd on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10.

The critics claimed that Willy Paul was too proud and cautioned him that pride came before a fall. They also felt that he wasted the money when he gave it to the studio audience as he would have used it for greater causes like alleviating the suffering of the hungry in Turkana or put it into a children’s home.

Here are just a few reactions from the outraged:

Jan_Toto‏ @JanethCherotic3: Pride comes before that hard downfall, God hate pride! Be humble young Boy Willy Paul

Kamle‏ @Kamlepeter: That trash Digiri song by Willy Paul is worse than all jimmy gait songs combined #Askjimmygait

DAUDI‏ @ItsDaudi: A 'Heaven Material' would give bibles to win some of those half-dressed souls for Christ Willy Paul gave them money instead.

Mwende Njeru‏ @MwendeNjeru: This guy Willy Paul is more dramatic than the entire cast of Nairobi Diaries, The Kardashians  and all the WAGs shows on E! #10over10

Ben karangi‏ @kapaintz: So willy paul is using money kupanguza jasho?? Really, he's going down soon, mark my word!! #10over10 children are dying in turkana

DUN SYHOS‏ @Dr_Soln: #10over10 That's the worst session allowing money politics by willy Paul. Bahati amemwacha mbali sana

K.U.I‏ @kui_kimani: Pride comes before a fall willy..kuja pole pole #10over10

lucie gathigia‏ @luciegathigia: #10over10 Willy Paul & Bahati are our Kenyan Chris's Brown's. Young, talented reckless and consumed by fame.

DAUDI‏ @ItsDaudi: RT if you feel Willy Paul could have been spent that cash in a much much better way, E.g. Donating to children’s home #10over10


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