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They're not married: Willy Paul and Alaine release new single

You can relax guys, she's not his prayer partner.

Willy Paul and Alaine staged their marriage for their latest song I Do.

Taking to Instagram, Willy Paul left a very confused following with his picture  saying, “My Family You Amaze Me With Your Quick Assumptions and predictions ...I Know The problem is that I didn't show my newly-wed wife's face. Here she is ...Yesss!!! Alaine said yes habari ndio hio ...niko hapa nawacheki tuu najua maoni ni kibao na tofauti ....Legoo. GOD has good things in store for the faithful ones…”

There after followed a series of photos of him and the Alaine getting cosy on various accounts. He keeps calling her his even after the news of their latest video that was launched earlier on today had already spread over the internet.

Could it be an indication of something more than just a working relationship?

Anyway, the long anticipated video was finally launched today at noon on Youtube. It already has over 14000 views just in the last one hour.


Here’s what we’ve got to say for reviews.

It’s a lovely song talking about a couple getting married and thanking God about their union. That’s it.  We could say a lot more about the video that is top notch quality and very strategic as it casts a few popular faces like Martin Kimathi of Teen Republik and Weezdom, he’s new source of controversy with Bahati.

However, since both artistes are pundits in their own rights, we honestly expected a lot more than what they’ve offered. Oh trust, it’s got a catchy beat that will have you humming hours after watching it.

Now, here’s what his fans had to say on Youtube;

Empress_ Okun5:Am not fun of willy paul but this is better than those other songs of his. there is a sweet flow to this song so sijui kama ni alaine ameongeza utamu.


nahashon mutahi4:Nice song, quality vieo, quality audio everything on check....lakini iyo taxi ya safaricom (little cab) especially si venye ubah wako na ufala na Indomie? kwa wale hatupendi kupika...hehehe more than just a video. Nice work!!

Hezekia Obudho4:si mahaters ni wengi, good work Willy poze.... wenye wana sema eti willy poze iz lost si mtafute.

Daisy Awuor: people who are complaining to compose there gospel song I'll be there number one fun....if you ain't feeling the song these a big forest in  China go kill your self there.

Faridah Tinashe5 hours ago:Best Wedding Song. Better than Tiga wana. Anyway Willy kuna Mchele wa harusi ama vipi.


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