Nameless, Redsan embarrassed during Wizkid's show

That is no way to treat stars of their calibre....

But what happened behind the scenes was appalling as the organisers were accused of mistreating and embarrassing Kenyan artistes in their own turf. Among the many complaints levelled by artistes like Fena and H_art at BBQ  Live organisers was that Kenyan artistes had been placed to ‘mop the floor for Wizkid’ and were treated very badly despite their upbeat performances.

Fena took to Instagram to relay the shocking details of what happened behind the scenes at Wizkid’s concert.

“I may be quiet and polite, but I'm done being nice. It never got anyone anywhere clearly. “She started before adding “I am an independent artist working hard against all odds to prove to myself and to my fans that this sh*t can and will be done. I am here to shape the future of Kenyan music, because even as a fan, I've complained about substandard artistry and it feels good to see so many visionary upcoming Kenyan artists today. To literally be a flag bearer internationally, for women and for my country.

We are in this industry together. That's the joke. How are we going to make Kenya a world-class concert destination if we can't even look out for our own? As an individual on the board of organisers, wouldn't you feel some kind of fulfilment "when Fena blows up" because you created a platform and environment for the "local" artist to prosper? Radio is getting it right, DJs are getting it right, and the artists are getting it right. Tuliacha kuzozana when we all understood that we need to step up. We all want to eat bruh, tusaidiane. We actually want YOU to make it big so that we make it big too. But mkiendelea kututreat ovyo hakuna mahali tunaenda.

To be honest, this gig was for us to mop the floor for Wizzy, not to share a stage with the legend. Wewe ukimaliza kumop, chukua kitambaa yako uishie.”

She also went on to add that she was baffled by the embarrassing way Nameless and Redsan were treated, they were relegated to backstage in the rain to watch Wizkid perform while artistes of their status should be in the VVIP section

“It was so funny for me to see Red and Nameless standing backstage in the rain to get a glimpse of Wiz. They should have been ushered straight from stage to VVIP. Mimi ata ningepelekwa Regular si mnajua bado tutaturnt tu” She said.

She believes that the  problem could have been caused by the fact that it was a huge event and there were not enough people in the organizing team to sustain it “The staff was stretched thin, everyone running around was a mess n I felt bad having to come down on my friends for it coz wako jobo pia. Maybe I'm just bitchin coz I wasn't fed and I'm hungry.”

H_art the band, on the other hand, said that the event was a mess from the very start as they didn’t know when they were performing as when they asked weeks ahead, the event organisers kept taking them in circles.

And on the D-day at 7:00 p.m. an anonymous person called them and asked them to get to the stage in 5 min or their performance would be cancelled. After getting ready in a hurry they rushed to the event only to get ill-treated by the security officers.

“We get there and from the main entrance, the security officers start bad mouthing us& talking trash OMG!.... Normally, such disrespect is followed by some Kayole-leshwa street madness but we had saved our energies for a better purpose The drama doesn't stop here. At the backstage entrance, the person handling the artist decides to freeze our whole team. Apparently, she doesn't know why we need a Drummer for the performance ati, the backstage is for artist's only *Beep Beep* Bad Vibes Alert We sense bad vibes & so, we tell our team of camera-men, videographers & management to chill outside:boom:it wasn't worth all the fuss to try to get in.” They revealed.

But their experience only got worse as their 1-hour performance was cut shot 30 minutes in by the MC who kept butting in during their set but they decided since they had already had a good night, no need to turn up so they respectfully went backstage and headed to the V.I.P.

And at the V.I.P they had a rude reception where the person manning the V.I.P entrance demanded passes into the event. So Kenchez from the band went to go pick the passes from the BBQ Live reference guy who retorted with “What tags?!? You have already performed, what else do you expect from us - Go Home.”

H_art the band admitted that the eventful night left a bad taste in their mouth and they criticised BBQ Live for the poor handling of the artistes and the poor planning. “Get the right people to handle your event Yaani, If only our mama didn't raise us well woi!!!We don't really know or understand what was going on with the organisers that day but trust us when we say, next time someone shows that kind of disrespect- we won't be as Liberal. Learn to keep your word or don't just say anything. It takes two to tango and the only thing that can build this industry is if we work together and accord each other the respect they deserve in their line of duty Anywho,imetosha sasa - tukizidi zaidi ya hapo tunaweza Lia Shoekran sana to all who came out to PaRRRrY #JahBless .”  They concluded the rant.


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