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Eric Omondi drinks raw milk straight from a cow’s udders

The things Eric Omondi do to attract public attention are sometimes outright absurdity. His latest stunt involves drinking raw milk straight from a cow’s udders.


Eric Omondi has been on top of his game by pulling some of the most amusing and interesting stunts ever since in comedy industry.

The mischievous humorist started a hilarious segment dubbed ‘How to be’ which he mimics public figures by showing the public how they can be any popular person.

The witty comedian has also been doing renditions of popular songs in his own amusing way; his latest is Diamond’s ‘Salome’.

While shooting video for his own version of ‘Salome’, Eric Omondi decided to suck a cow’s udder; he literally drank raw milk straight from the cow’s udders.


Eric’s remix of Diamond’s ‘Salome’ is dubbed ‘Sang'ombe’, maybe it’s the reason why the comedian drunk unprocessed milk straight from the cow.

Watch the video below:


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