Why Diamond smashed Hamisa Mobetto in Zari Hassan's bed

It was betrayal at its best.

Getting a baby out of wedlock is a deal breaker for many but not Zari who has stuck to Diamond after he sired a kid with Hamisa Mobetto on their matrimonial bed.

“It was betrayal at its best. I have made peace with it now so I can now talk about it and not feel anything. It was the worst betrayal because people cheat but why are you cheating on my bed, with some lowlife thing? Why are you not wearing a condom when we have kids and you can catch HIV? I had like 20 million questions. Why our bed?” Zari asked during an interview on Sanyu FM.

Zari disclosed that the answer Diamond gave for cheating on their matrimonial bed was facepalm-worthy. Apparently Diamond was afraid that the paparazzi would catch him cheating if he went to a hotel so he preferred to sneak Hamisa into his house late in the night and sneak her out early in the morning.

“I’m am too famous to get into any hotel because they will take pictures of me so she (Hamisa) had to come very late and get out early in the morning.” Diamond claimed.

Despite Diamond’s flimsy reason for cheating Zari forgave Diamond and stayed because Diamond promised to behave.

“I am not worried about what she (Hamisa) does, I’m just wondering if he still has some hullaballoo on the side? Are you committed to this relationship?  With musicians, you never know when the next scandal is gonna hit you. Men I dunno…You pray about it. I’m not worried about it  so much that it gives me sleepless nights but it’s at the back of my mind that there will always be groupies throwing their knicker’s at him.”  She said “ I always sit down with him and tell him that you cannot have both worlds. You cannot be a musician and trynna act single you either be a musician and show that you have got a family if not me and my kids and I will remove ourselves from this. I have nothing to lose.”

Zari also spoke about Dylan, Hamisa and Diamond’s son and said that she has not stopped Diamond from seeing her son and has no grudge against the child because “Whatever happened, happend. The baby is innocent the child didn’t plan to be here, he just came.”


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