Zari Hassan laughs off at those trying to unmask her mysterious KingBae

Critics trying to put a face on her KingBae

Zari Hassan laughs off at those trying to unmask her mysterious KingBae

Socialite cum Business woman Zari Hassan is laughing-off critics who stalk her on a daily basis with the aim of unmasking her mysterious Kingbae.

Since going public with her new relationship, Ms Hassan has never revealed that face of her man, a thing that has left critics guessing and trying to put a face on her man.

A fan reached out to the mother of five, stating that gossipers in Tanzania were busy pitting her photos against that of unidentified man with claims that he was Kingbae.

Wanzajona “Ati they showing us Kingbae... si wana shida nyingi..zari ni kiki na kiki ni zari”

Keep guessing

In quick response,the Boss-lady gave a free will to those who can’t mind their own business to continue stressing themselves over the identity of the man she is dating.

“@Wanzajona 1st he doesn’t exist, then it’s my manager, then it’s all the random guys they feel like. Lol wondering how it will benefit them. Let them keep guessing” said Zari.

Acres of skin

This comes days after she caused a hullaballoo on a social media after sharing photos exposing acres of skin while holidaying in Malindi with singer Akothee.

One user Identified as Muhyandin_Osman tried to attack the Boss Lady by saying “Shame on you, you are not a mum”.

However in a quick rejoinder, the Brooklyn Colleges CEO, responded in Sarcasm saying “@Muhyandin_Osman No, matter of fact I don’t know what labour wards look like. The best part is am not your mother”.


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