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Tanasha is always in my comments section - Zari claims

Groupie love?

Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Weeks after cautioning Tanasha against Diamond’s deadbeat ways, Zari has revealed that she hasn’t met Tanasha but she frequents her comment section.

 “I have never contacted Tanasha and I didn’t know her until people started tagging me claiming that Tanasha was always on my page advertising stuff. I have never met her but she was in my comment section a lot, advertising so that is how I know that name popped up,” she claimed on Millard Ayo. A statement that elicited laughter from the interviewer probably because of how wild Zari’s claim was.

The mother of five went on to add rather derisively that Tanasha is ‘living her dream’ as she has ‘upgraded’ from commenting on Zari’s posts to dating Diamond.

“People are living their dreams, they are seeing their dreams come true. Anything is possible, dream it and it will be done,” she said.


Miss Hassan then went on to explain herself as her comments on Tanasha’s pregnancy had elicited backlash. She said that they were not said in bad faith because she didn’t want Tanasha to be caught off guard.

Great Gatsby Party

On the Great Gatsby Party Diamond threw for Tanasha and how he has been treating the NRG presenter, Zari said that she didn’t see anything new in the festivities as she also had those huge parties thrown for her. “It’s a repeat, if you look at the cycle it’s the same thing, I didn’t see anything new.”

Zari, however, believes that there is a possibility that Diamond has changed and his relationship with Tanasha could take a different trajectory from hers.


“Sometimes people change and maybe he learnt his lesson after losing a good woman, people change so we should give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he can be a good guy,” she said.

Tiffah and Nillan’s relationship with Tanasha’s son

Mama Tiffah disclosed that it’s possible for her children to have a bond with Tanasha’s unborn son as long as Diamond can fix his relationship with Tiffah and Nillan.

“I grew up in a polygamous setting and though our mothers had their differences, we looked for each other and we became best friends since blood is thicker than water. For these kids, we don’t know where the future is leading, they may meet. Right now I can’t say whether I am welcoming other people’s children to come close to me. What is the point? The point here is that Diamond should fix his relationship with his kids and once he does, it’s gonna be easy for him to introduce his other children. If he fixes his relationship, he can take Tiffah and Nillan to go visit his other children because he has established unity between his kids,” Zari stated.


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