10 easy ways to tone up your body

Trim and shape up your curves with these easy steps .

You need calories to burn calories.

You want to get your body to that perfect shape but don't want to hit the gym as hard because you've reached your ideal weight, maybe it's time to try toning up. You could try a few of these things that will help trim you up into that perfect shape you're dying for

1.You need calories to burn calories

Metabolism is a process that other than keeping you energetic and active helps burn out the unnecessary calories our bodies seem to have an affinity for. For you to keep your metabolism up, you need the right kind of calories in your body meaning you need to keep those greasy and artificially sweetened snacks away. Minding your diet helps but don't stop eating. Get as much high quality food (i.e. high in nutrients and low in artifice) into your system throughout the day as you can. Five to six meals is a great way to go but remember, it's not how much you eat. It's how many times you do and the more times you eat, the smaller the plate size for every meal.

2. Don't throw away those carbs, just switch them for better ones

You don't have to throw away everything in your fridge and starve to death. You just need to switch it for a better option. I mean, to look good, you have to pick up the right habits. Nothing comes easy. Instead of going for the 'white' bun in your burger, why don't you go for the whole grain option. You will hardly notice the difference and it is way better for your body.switch your carbohydrate intake to fruits, vegetables, and whole grains instead of starches (like potatoes) and make sure you are getting enough healthy fats like seeds and nuts and avocados. In the end it all comes down to keeping your metabolism up . This will give you the necessary calories to build the muscle you need while kicking your metabolism into gear to lose the fat you want.

3. Don't cut down your protein intake even as you cut everything else.

Remember we said smaller, more frequent meals. That means a little less of everything. However, try filling the larger section of your plate with protein.  This will help you build muscle instead of gathering fat to fill up those stubborn loose bits of skin. Animal proteins such as fish and chicken and dairy products will help. Throw in a few vegetables and fruits and you're good to go.

4. Hydrate Hydrate!

Your body is 70 percent water and you need to constantly replenish the body's supply. You also need water for your body to perform most key bodily functions, think digestion or respiration. In short water is life. Take a minimum of eight glasses daily and your body will thank you so much your skin will be glowing.

5. Try interval training.

You don't want to slacken on your fit and fab journey so you don't want to stop hitting the gym. Well, try some of these techniques to grow that muscle and fill out into your ideal shape

If you're someone who gravitates toward doing lots of cardio you'll do better to lose fat without sacrificing muscle if you switch to intervals, i.e. sprinting all-out for one minute and then slowing way down for two. (Do this for thirty minutes, three times weekly.) In an hour-long Pilates workout, you speed up and slow down, and alter resistance on each exercise to create the ultimate interval workout."

6. Multitask your muscles to burn calories longer

If you're working on your muscles, target different muscle groups with your exercises for example a lunge with a bicep curl. This will allow you to exercise more muscles at once without exhausting individual muscles too quickly. This way, you will work out longer and release more hormones to keep those calories burning throughout the day.

7. Lifting weights won't get you looking like the Hulk

Chyna (Joan Marie Laurer, professional wrestler and body builder) did not get her body by lifting 50kgs once a week. She went through hours of training, strict diets and prescriptions of supplements to build her frame. Therefore don't run away from the weights for fear of looking like Johnny Bravo's tougher sister. Lifting weights regularly helps strength and trim your muscles as well as burn calories, boosts metabolism and accelerates weight loss while giving you a leaner look.

8. Chill out

Slow down. Relax. It's good for you. I don't mean throw everything out of the window, pack your bags and go to the carribean. I mean laugh more, sleep longer, go out more, leave your worries behind once in a while. Avoid stress when you can (and most of the time you can because what you're worrying about is probably something you will solve once you're calm) Stress doesn't get you thin (well, not all the time) it elevates the cortisol hormone which causes your body to store more fat and diminish muscle. So, kick off those shoes, slump on the sofa and chill out!

9. Get a portable trainer

Are you travelling? Or on holiday?  Don't lose that fantastic shape you work so hard for just because you can't hit the gym where you are. Download workout videos if you can't, don't worry, YouTube's got you. There's also plenty of workout apps on play store,  get something that works for you and work out in your hotel room.

10. A great body requires sacrifice

Nothing comes easy. (Except calories) For you to keep that good shape and not gain unnecessary weight, you have got to cut out the bad habits. Take the stairs instead of the lift, pack an apple instead of crisps, take rice cakes instead of digestives and above all, love yourself enough to treat your body right. Your body will only get better


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