Woman has baby with gay best friend using a syringe

They bought the syringe from Amazon

After researching artificial insemination they decided to take a DIY approach by injecting Ali’s sperm into Kerry’s vagina using a plastic syringe.


Kerry, 29, quickly fell pregnant but at 19 weeks the friends were told their baby boy Elijah’s heart had stopped beating and she gave birth to the stillborn infant in May 2017.

But the pair decided to give the same tactic another go and have now had a baby girl, Lanah, who was born on May 23.

‘Being parents was something we had both wanted for so long, and seeing Lanah for the first time, I felt completely full of love.


Using just a cheap syringe from the internet and a Tupperware from Morrison’s, we have an amazing baby.’

Ali, 27, who works as a barman, and Kerry, who worked in Burger King until her pregnancy, say they ‘just clicked’ six years ago when they met at the fast food restaurant.


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