Blow for Kenyan pastor who snatched mzungu woman after Dr Phil decision

The Kenyan pastor had "snatched" woman from her husband of 18 years.

Dr Phil asked a crying Sarah to give her marriage about three months to try and fix her marriage and not try to run away to something "exciting and exotic" before then.

Kevin is a pastor who runs an orphanage in Kisii County. The orphanage has 31 children so far who Kevin rehabilitated from the streets. The seemingly mild mannered man told the Dr Phil team that went to visit him that he does it because, “I have a good heart.”

The pastor was ready to marry Sarah, and settle with her and her four children- three of whom he couldn’t remember their names. He wanted to start a farm and help her raise her children because he loves her.

The man who has been dubbed a “homewrecker” by some media sites, said he would Facetime with Sarah up to 4 times a day and even reminds her to stay healthy.

Kevin had hoped that when he got to meet Sarah he would hug her, hold her and tell her, “Welcome, my love”.

It would appear that his plans may have to be put on hold as Sarah’s husband, Keith, said he would not the marriage go without a fight.

“If you want to destroy this family, that’s up to you. But I aint going down without a fight.”

Even her family joined the bandwagon begging her not to leave. With her mother saying, “I can’t in good conscience allow you to get on a flight to Kenya knowing what I know about the place. With all the terrorism to the disease that is out there.”

The family was also worried that she could end up raped, murdered or sold to the sex trade if she was to come to Kenya because they believe she is too naive.

Sarah agreed to Dr Phil’s plan to stop all contact with Kevin while she attempts to fix her marriage. But she was allowed only one chance to say goodbye.


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