For excelling in their exams, primary school pupils get life goats as reward

The reward which came as a result of the performance of the pupils will serve their families in the yuletide.

A viral image circulating the internet showed a group of young learners pose for a photograph while holding on to the leash-tied animals. What better period to receive such prizes than a Christmas season which has seen a bunch of Nigerians struggle to meet financial obligations associated with the yuletide?

The current scarcity of petrol has resulted in a series of queues at fuel filling stations. This has had an adverse effect on the rates paid for intra-city navigation while the prices of goods and services have also seen an increase.

Pulse News readers submitted differing opinions concerning if Nigeria can end a year without an intense fuel scarcity problem. However, there was no clear distinction regarding their positions as there was only a slim difference between those who believed this was actually possible.

It is quite sad that a country with vast petroleum resources has to annually deal with issues relating to the non-availability of fuel which is needed not only for transportation but  to compliment the nation's epileptic power supply through energy provided by oil consuming generator sets.

All attention has been on President Muhammadu Buhari who is chiefly responsible for the way Nigeria has fared since his election in the year 2015. Many have lost hope in his message of change which has so far meant a continuance of the common issues before he assumed the position of power.

The excitement that greeted his popular inauguration speech which made him appear as someone who had a good understanding of what his countrymen required to have an improved living, but so far it has been a lot of words with little action as far as wealth circulation is concerned.


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