Man didn’t have sex with wife for seven years because of 31 Kg scrotum

His wife has to wash him because of his inability to move

His wife Mindy had to help him shower in the same cubicle which he used to urinate in because his scrotum made it impossible to aim into the toilet.


But after a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for his life-changing surgery he appeared in a TLC documentary that tracked his journey to lose the unwanted addition.

TLC recently re-posted the video to its YouTube page, bringing Dan’s story to a whole new audience.

But it has also been discovered that the 43-year-old now has a new challenge ahead of him – and it involves shedding even more pounds.

Heart attack

Instead of an unwanted growth in his nether regions, this time Dan is hoping to shift weight from the rest of his body over fears that if he doesn’t, he could suffer a heart attack.

Dan says he has struggled with his weight his whole life and it has impacted him so much that when he went to doctors about his condition they originally told him his weight was to blame.

Dan eventually ended up self-diagnosing himself with scrotal lymphoedema.


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