Things kids from the 90s are sorry they missed

Historical pictures from Kenya

As old people from the 90s, it also gives us a perverse amount of pleasure when the kids ask us what a VHS tape is and we start a nostalgic story with the words, “Back in my day…”

However, I recently found catalogues and portfolios of Kenya in the old days and I’m sorry I missed them. Amazing pictures from BM (Before Mari) that desperately make me wish I'd been alive to see that.

8 things kids from the 90s are sorry they missed

When Nakuru held its own Grand Prix- 1950s

When there was no traffic on roads 1950s

When entering the park was Sh3.00- 1960s

When Nairobi dam was for sailing- 1960s

When CBD looked like a perfect metropolitan postcard- 1966

When Safari Rally was the rally to end all rallies- 1966

When national celebrations were still celebrations- 1960s

When the restaurants were the coolest things ever- 1993


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