Annoying Whatsapp group behaviors Kenyans need to stop

It's time to quit these habits.

The endless unnecessary photos and videos to those long ‘forwarded as received’ messages can be so annoying and frankly it’s about time to quit these and more habits.

Those ones sending videos that take up all your bundles

The worst part about this is if your Whatsapp automatically downloads photos and videos the minute they’re sent so if that video is 100MBs long – well it must suck to be you.

Forwarded as received messages

‘Like, share and comment if you love Jesus; Ignore and just know he is watching you’. Alright Prophet of doom.

How about this; bye, be gone and Jesus loves me no matter what and I’m fully aware he is watching over me. Thank you.

Personal conversations in the group

I don’t really want to know why you broke up with your latest boyfriend. Side bar please.


The most annoying behaviors when planning an event in a Whatsapp group has got to be those people that never want to talk.

Does everyone agree with the budget? *silence* Guys, some feedback would be great especially for planning purposes. *silence* - urgh.

Wa kuleft

Mnaleft mnaenda wapi? Are you too good for us? Si at least you give the Whatsapp admin a heads up before you leave? Etiqutte.

Insensitive ones

There are those people in Whatsapp groups that seem to have no form of decency. They will post graphic photos and make fun of someone’s difficult time all in the bid of trying to be funny or the ‘it’ person in the group.

The ones that feel like it’s their way and only theirs that matters

These are those people that dish out all the advice and their opinions as if they are the only ones that have one. Wore unto you if you try to dispute their opinions.


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