Beheaded cat in County Assembly sends MCA'S into panic

They demanded CCTV footage after dead cat found in assembly

“Mr Speaker, this matter has been taken lightly and dismissed like it means nothing when what is in the public domain has created a lot of worry, therefore it should not be taken lightly. We demand a comprehensive explanation, and a CCTV footage on what transpired,” he said.


He said the public needs to be informed about what transpired as much as members of the county assembly need to be assured of their security as reported by Daily Nation.

The majority leader said the beheading of the cat in the clerk's office could cause fear especially if it was intended as a message to an individual.


The MCA demanded that assembly staff explain how the cat got into the offices whose windows have grills and are always locked, and how many they were as since the House does not rear cats in the compound.

He noted that easy access by animals to the premises was a compromise to their security.


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