This video of Frank Donga will discourage you from running the red light this Christmas

Reckless drivers have contributed to the accidents recorded on roads. An amount of patience is not such a bad idea.

In a skit posted on his Instagram, the actor was heard privately urging another driver to disobey the traffic light which at the time required everyone to stop. Donga thinks the fuel acquired from the long queue at a petrol filling station should not be wasted on the obvious road sign.

Though a humorous message bringing an awareness regarding the sorry state of scarcity of the important commodity, it also brings to the fore the common issues associated with infractions committed by motorists who are always in a rush to get to their destinations. As seen in the footage, this can only result in a damaging event such as a car crash.

It is disturbing to note that many road disasters could have been avoided if drivers were able to maintain calmness behind their wheels. A typical day in a Lagos traffic is one of verbal curses where everyone are trying to move at the same time.

There is no difference between the rich and the poor in this instance as they all exhibit the same type of behaviour - an inability to obey traffic laws and they are not alone. Law enforcement personnel such as the policemen and soldiers have been found in many instances driving at opposite lanes just so they can avoid congestion observed on roads.

Soldiers are in an unholy partnership with danfo drivers

I recall hearing a danfo driver disclose one of his hacks when it concerns evading traffic. Quite common yet alarming. What this individual had to do was get a soldier in front seat and the rest was a piece of cake. What this means is that no one, for example officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), will be able to stop him in his lawless expedition. Apparently, the presence of a soldier instills fear in the hearts of traffic managers and even the policemen.

It is pretty much a case of constant crisis on Nigerian roads. Perhaps, relevant authorities need to be stern about executing new legislation as there are some set of people who make it a business to see them disobeyed.

In Lagos, B.R.T lanes are reserved for urban buses provided by the government who have insisted that no other type of vehicle can ply the designated route. However, there have been a number of occasions where offenders get away with violating the law. This begs the question, "how can a government maintain order when it is perceived as only slightly committed to its innovations?"

There is a nationwide disregard for traffic laws. The government and the parastatals responsible for upholding laid down regulations should look into fixing this in time for the new year 2018, which hasn't really served any prospect of excitement to most.

Many are looking forward to the Russia World Cup 2018, more than an anticipation of good governance in Nigeria.


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