Husband doubts wife who took in 2 months after delivering last baby

A man accused his wife of infidelity and human trafficking after she got pregnant shortly after delivering a baby.

In a chat with Punch News, Duru accused partner of selling his child to a person identified as Mrs. Ngozi Egeonu, for a sum of N300,000. The latter who reportedly runs a baby factory rented his wife an apartment in order to have her within reach.

The husband seemed baffled about a situation that saw his wife take-in in quick succession. This ensured that he remained doubtful about the paternity of the anticipated child.

“I have been looking for my wife since December. I never knew that she had already sold my baby to a woman for N300,000.

"I also learnt that she is two months’ pregnant; how can my wife who was delivered of a baby two months ago be pregnant?

“I am not the owner of that pregnancy because I did not sleep with her. I have not seen her for the past two months and it is the police that discovered that she went to sell my baby.

"I will leave her if she fails to tell me where the pregnancy came from,” says Duru.

Nwolu, who has been accused of adultery however denied engaging in the practice of grooming her babies so that they can be sold for me. The woman attributed her pregnant state to her husband's high libido.

Occasionally, he assaulted her with a cutlass in a bid to initiate sexual intercourse report says. This is after he has taken a high in-take of Indian Hemp.

“My husband is the owner of the pregnancy. He impregnated me. After I gave birth to the baby, my husband would smoke Indian hemp and forcefully sleep with me.

“It continued to happen like that until I noticed that I was pregnant. Each time I refused to have sex with him, he would use a cutlass to threaten me,” the wife alleged to have cheated on husband revealed.

The police in Rivers State is handling the case as a conspiracy which involved an intention to sell a 2-month old baby without the consent of its father, which was only a preamble to the kicker.

It is a fact - a woman can conceive two months after child delivery

Fears raised concerning Rita Nwolu's pregnancy is only a jittery response to having little knowledge about a woman's reproductive system.

Healthline submitted  an instance of how possible it is for a mother to conceive a child shortly after delivering new baby.

A conversation between a doctor and a pregnant patient expressed this.

“I see here it says you had your first child… [pause]… nine months ago?” asked a doctor.

“Yes, that’s right.  I planned it that way.

"I wanted them to be really close in age,” replies patient whose response in a report by Healthline suggests there is a power to control to pregnancy frequency.

"I had my first baby May 2nd and breast feed only. I had my first period since giving birth on July 17.

"It was like my past periods lasting about 3 days medium/heavy flow. About a week before my next period was due I started to have signs of pregnancy - Extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, nausea, cravings, got really sick eating peanut butter (same thing with my first pregnancy), sore/tender breasts (which I have not had breastfeeding),etc," writes Angelsrejoice in a discussion published by the Babycenter.

A woman's breastfeeding frequency can affect their return to fertility shortly after birth according to reports. Healthline stated that this can be introduced as a form of birth control.


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