Zari blasts Diamond after declaring he is single

And the Drama continues ...

Last week, Diamond shocked the world with angry words on his Instagram account, after declaring he was not married and was allowed by his religion to marry up to four women.

He also used the post to express his frustrations of waking up to controversial stories about his love life every day.

In his post, Platnumz revealed that he will not be the first one to end his relationship with Zari who stays in South Africa.

“Siku pia nikimaliza Mahusiano yangu na Alie Soutrh na nikawa na Mwingine na ikifikia kuliwekla wazi, nitaliweka Mwenyewe, Maana hakuna kitachonizuia. Ndio kwanza nna miaka 28, Sijaoa na Hata nikioa Naruhusiwa niwe na wake Wanne PERIOD!!!”” wrote Diamond Platnumz

His words seemed to have irked Zari who responded by questioning why Diamond was referring to her as the one in South Africa without mentioning her name.

According to Zari, Diamond has no place in South Africa and therefore he should keep her out of his drama.

“Ati nini? Yule wawapi? Hana Jina ati mama T. Unachako uku. Can I be left out of this darama pls. Naomba” wrote Zari on SnapChat

This comes after the power couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos they have ever taken together.


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