Love and trust are said to be the most important things in relationships. But what about sex?

It’s equally important and if that person you deeply love can’t take you there, you are probably not sexually compatible. And who wants to spend their lives with someone who cannot satisfy their sexual desires?

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Before you settle or get married to someone, you should probably figure out if you are indeed sexually compatible. Here are some signs that show you are not compatible with your partner:

1. One of you is self-centered

If you or your partner only cares about their sexual pleasure and never gives attention to the other person’s needs, it’s a sign of incompatibility. Partners who are sexually compatible will give attention to their partners and ensure they get maximum pleasure.

2. You don’t enjoy it

Do you feel like making love is more of a chore than something you enjoy doing? Well, sex is supposed to be pleasurable but if you just do it simply because you feel obligated to, means you are probably incompatible.

3. You only do it on special occasions

You have sex during your birthday, anniversary or when you are celebrating some achievements. If you have to wait for such moments to make love, you should reconsider being with your partner.

4. It’s never spontaneous

For two compatible people, it can happen anytime even without plan. At one point you are in the kitchen making dinner, and the next moment you partner sweeps you off your feet and before you know it, you are having your best moment. That’s what compatibility feels like. But if you have to work with a planner, something is amiss.

5. You are never on fire at the same time

It’s not always that you will both be in the mood at the same time. However, if there is no single moment you both feel horny at the same time and every time one person has to come up with excuses, you are clearly incompatible.

6. You have no favorite sexual position

You don’t have to like all the positions your partner likes. But at least, you both should have a common position that is not only comfortable but also most pleasurable for both of you.

7. Your mind is never there

To begin with, good sex starts with your mind. While it’s normal to have your mind wander during sex, it’s not okay when that is always the case. So if you are ever thinking about your incomplete assignments every time you are making love instead of thinking about that particular moment, most likely you are incompatible.

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