While most people would like to imitate everything, they see in movies about sex, reality is usually very quick to snap them back.

Sex isn’t as glamorous as most people would like it to be.

It can be messy and embarrassing things tend to happen – which can be cringy for some people.

But that’s what makes it so real and authentic. So, there’s no need for people to always be so hard on themselves when things don’t go as planned.

Here are 4 things to stop worrying about during sex.

1.Not wanting to do something you aren’t comfortable doing

If you are uncomfortable trying something new in bed, then your partner should be able to understand where you are coming from, if they truly care. So, don’t worry about them getting upset about it. That type of communication is what will make your sex life better.

2.Too conscious about body issues

This is not to downplay how one feels about their bodies. Everyone is entitled to feel the way they do and deal with whatever they are dealing with their own way.

This is just to say that your man/woman will probably not notice your insecurity when in the moment. If you point it out to them, they should make you feel comfortable about it.

Or the both of you can come up with a way to forget about your insecurities during that time.

3.Having a low sex drive

It happens to a lot of people. Maybe you are really stressed out or have a condition that is causing the low sex drive. No need to beat yourself up on things that you cannot control. Or you could try eating this to help boost your sex drive.

4.Saying what you actually want in bed

As mentioned earlier, communication is key for a healthy sex life. If you like a little spank on the butt then tell your man. If you’re into a little BDSM, let your woman know how you want to punish her exactly. *sips tea*