While everyone definitely has their own preferences or theories of how they can tell if someone is good in bed, a recent study has revealed a rather unexpected sign that indicates someone may be good in bed.

Apparently someone who is good at doing household work will be good in bed.

Out of 1000 people surveyed more than 50 percent felt that someone who is good at doing household work will definitely be good in bed.

“People who are good at chores show attention to detail in addition to self-reliance and independence,” Los Angeles based licensed marriage and family therapist Allen Wagner told The Reader's Digest.

Wagner further stated that people who do house work come off as responsible a trait that assists during sexual intercourse.

The study conducted by Wakefield Research survey for LG QuadWash found that 57 percent of American women were likely to get turned on whenever their partner did a household chore compared to 46 percent of men who agreed with getting turned on by their partners doing house work.

Another interesting finding from the study was that 17 percent of Americans would prefer having their partner doing household chores other than apologizing when they get into a fight.