Picture this.

You have finally gotten some after what seemed like an eternity of a dry spell.

So you and this guy are lying in bed and there’s a bit of an awkward silence because you’re not quite sure what to say to each other.

In a bid to break the ice you hit him with a ‘Thanks for that’ comment. I don’t need to tell you how much more awkward that comment just made things.

It may seem like some sort of compliment to the guy at that time but that guy may not take it as such – unless you’re paying him for the sex then it would be an exception.

Check out some things you should never tell a guy after sex.

1.Never talk about family (whether past, current or future)

“You know I’ve always wanted to have like four kids”. Stop right there.

You may be better off just keeping quiet, rolling over to one side of the bed and falling asleep other than say this to a guy.

Conversations about sisters, brothers, mothers or any family members should be out of the question too.


As mentioned above, unless the sex is transactional, do not tell him thanks after sex.

There are other ways you can compliment that guy’s bedroom skills.

3.That was surprisingly good

According to askmen.com, saying this is basically equivalent to saying “I set the bar really low and you pretty much exceeded it”.

Saying that pretty much kills the moment and can come off a bit offensive to the guy.

Yes you might have not expected the sex to be that good but you don’t necessarily have to say it either; especially after sex.

4.How was it?

So you didn’t like how he touched you that one time during sex but really enjoyed the foreplay but you’re not sure whether he liked what you did that other time when you were switching positions.

You can tell how confusing finding an answer to this can be right.