There is the belief that women don’t have as much of a libido as men. And that is a lie. Women love sex. It’s fun and invigorating.

Some women have even more of a libido that men. And sometimes men are at a loss when they date or marry a woman who has a higher sex drive than them.

Often this can either lead to fun times where you and your partner get to explore each other’s sexuality with almost no limits. But in some instances, this can actually lead to some strain between the sheets.

What can men do to keep up with women who have a higher libido than them- and ensure that they can get their own happy endings too?


Some people find this eeky, or embarrassing. It really isn’t. It’s just part of foreplay and sometimes it’s the actual main event. When you help your partner masturbate either by cunning linguistics, vaginal strumming or whatever tickles y’all’s fancy, then you can help prolong the fun between the sheets.


Actual foreplay should always be encouraged. Tease each other. Some women are responsive enough to achieve non-penetrative orgasms. Use feathers, scarves… go ahead and use melted candle wax. At least use the ones for erotic purposes. The other regular 10 bob ones will just burn you and they’re a pain to wash off. Trust me.

Orgasm staving

This is denying an orgasm for the purposes of pleasure extension. Watch out for the signs of your partner about to- um- blow. Common signs are crossed eyes, lack of breath, erratic clenching etc. Teasing during sex is also encouraged.

Improve recovery time

On average, men recover after an hour or two. According to some very colourful and er- distracting websites, men can improve on this by changing their diets. Men’s orgasms lead them to releasing prolactin which makes them lethargic. Essentially, they need to recharge before they can go back to action. These foods are recommended as some kind of ultra-premium power bank for erections almost immediately after orgasms.

They recommend dark chocolate, watermelon, ginger, cold water fish (whatever those are), turmeric, berries and spinach.