After sex, different things can happen. An orgasm, pillow talk, some cuddling and sometimes, even more sex. But every once in a while (or all the time) your partner cries after sex.

This is perfectly normal but is caused by different reasons. This is only when your partner didn't get hurt or injured during.

The three reasons why women cry after an orgasm.

1. Post-coital dysphoria

This is the feeling of sadness, anxiety, or depression after sex.

There is no conclusive reason for this.

Some people also feel "homesick" or out of place in their own bodies.

2. The sex was that good

Some women squirt. Others cry. The orgasm makes a woman feel so overwhelmed with emotion that she just cries.

3. Profound connections

When a woman has a deep connection with her lover, she will feel that connection after a particularly amazing round of sex. Her connection with her partner will make her feel so much that it just comes out from the eyes.