Gender and sexuality is a very sensitive topic, especially in Africa.

Sexuality encompasses a lot; people identify as all sorts of things, from pansexual to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc. While some people are born gay, others come out later on in life. It’s said that every human has a tiny percentage of attraction towards people of the same sex. Most ladies have had a bisexual experience at least once. You might not know it, but maybe, you have a bit of bisexuality in you. And by the way, being bisexual doesn’t mean that you like women and men on a 50% share. It could be, you’re totally attracted to men, even have a boyfriend, but, you could get down and dirty with a girl if you could. Wondering how you can tell? Here are possible signs:

1. You watched L-word and had a massive crush on Shane.

2. The show literally made you question your sexuality.

3. Heck, you even watched The Real L-Word.

4. Whitney, from The Real L-Word was bae, you fantasized about all the things you wanted her to do to you.

5. You find women attractive. Not like “God I want her number” way, well, sometimes, but like “She’s really attractive”.

6. You have kissed a girl(s) before and really liked it.

7. Two girls kissing turn you on.

8. You watch all gender porn and you love it.

9. You have suggested a threesome to your boyfriend, one that involves another girl.

10. You have done 'more than just kissing' with another girl. If you know you know.

11. You have a female Instagram crush that you’re obsessed with.

12. You have been in a position where you could’ve dated a girl but you were scared of being judged.

13. 'I kissed a girl' by Katty Perry spoke volumes to you way back then.

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