How Raila’s Withdrawal Influenced Akombe’s Resignation

Akombe brings to light interesting details

Speaking during an interview Dr. Akombe disclosed that the withdrawal stirred legal confusion among IEBC Commissioners.

She mentioned that efforts to seek Supreme Court’s direction after Mr Odinga backed out was met with a lot of opposition by a section of the Commissioners.

“Majority of the Commissioners did not want and they felt that Raila had a choice and he chose to bail out and hence the country should proceed with the election,"she said.

Akombe noted that efforts by IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati to seek the Supreme Court’s guidance did not work as a majority of Commissioner called for the October 26 poll to proceed even after the former Prime Minister’s withdrawal. This Akombe said left her perturbed.

She also added that the inclusion of the other six presidential candidates as per the High Court ruling was another factor IEBC was not prepared for.

The order changed several things ahead of the poll yet IEBC was not ready to make the important implementations to carry and free and credible elections.

The ex-Commissioner explained that what hurt her the most was the fact that she did not have a solid explanation for Kenyans who questioned the Commission’s radical moves.

“To be frank what really broke my heart and made me make this decision to leave it was my visit to Siaya, Kisumu, and Homa Bay. I saw I committed to doing the right thing. But they kept asking me madam commissioner did you have to get to this point? Couldn’t you seek the Supreme Court decision?

"Couldn’t you have asked the Supreme Court to give us enough time so that we can bring everybody on board? Must we have a commission that is this way? And I was helpless.

"I knew at that point Chebukati had asked the Commission to go to the Supreme Court after the withdrawal of Raila but he was opposed," she said during a interview.

Akombe dismissed speculations that she could be working to push the agenda of the National Super Alliance (NASA).

She stated that she had been painted to be a NASA mole when pushing issues seemingly supporting the Alliance and also a Jubilee mole when agreeing to issues raised by the ruling coalition.

At the same time, Akombe divulged that a Member of Parliament was sent to threaten her and demand her resignation.


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